7 common PPT design elements

Published time: 2019-11-15

1. Streamlined, graphic elements

When arranging the layout, the streamlined picture is very smooth, and the beautiful colors and the layered streamlines will make the picture more layered; and the center of the layout is formed by a perfect circle or a semi-circle, based on the standard type. Arranging headlines, captions, and logo graphics in sequence is visually striking.

2. Business type PPT template can insert some portrait elements

Some business-type portrait photos can be placed in the PPT, giving a friendly impression and a more professional feel. Overlapping portraits and silhouette vector images will also make people shine, making the layout a sense of rhythm and increasing the taste of the screen. Beautiful e-commerce PPT template.

3. Unique artistic style elements will make your PPT more tasteful

For example, when expressing creative, classical, and solemn themes, PPT can use ink painting elements to highlight the taste and fit the theme.

4. Stereogram

Inserting some solid element maps can make the PPT picture more stereoscopic, and the participation is more intense when reading PPT. Eye-catching.

5. Directional elements

The directional component can be either an arrow-shaped pointing structure or a picture momentum pointing to the text content, so that the structural form of the layout has obvious directivity and plays an obvious pointing role.

6. Express creative PPT

Add some conceptual physical graphics to the title page to make the picture more focused and highlight the PPT title theme.

7. Background element

- A good background image, you can save a lot of effort to find small elements, a simple background, but also catch the eye. When using the background image, pay attention to the background color of the title and the color of the text. Be careful not to let the text content of the PPT be pressed.