About the "section" in PPT

Published time: 2019-12-26

1. The role of knots
[Section] in the PPT, intuitively, is the small title at the preview of the PPT page on the left. It is similar to the large title when we write an article. The PPT pages can be classified and managed, so the content structure of the PPT is At a glance, it looks comfortable ~

2. How to create a section So how to create this section? First we create a new PPT, and then right-click in the area on the left. There is an option for [New Section]. After clicking it, we will see [Untitled Section] appear in this area. We It can be renamed according to our PPT content.

Through the same operation steps, we can first plan the structure of an entire PPT first, and then make our PPT, this way will be clearer ~

3. How to delete a section If you want to delete a section, it is also very simple. We can right-click the section title and select the delete method in the menu, but it should be noted here that the contents of these three methods are different! !! !! [Delete section] refers to deleting only the section title of the section, and the PPT page under the title is retained; [Delete section and slide] means to delete all the content under the section section title. [Delete All Sections] refers to deleting all section titles in the entire PPT, but the PPT page is still reserved ~ these three must be distinguished!

4. About the shortcut operation of the section So what good is the setting of the section? When we want to adjust the PPT structure, if there are no sections, we can only drag them one by one with the mouse, but if there are sections, we can drag the entire section's PPT page directly to adjust it! Is it very convenient?