How to apply a PPT presentation note

Published time: 2019-11-15

At work, I often use the PPT presentation to give a speech to the client. I also saw professional lecturers and IT sales PPT introduce me to the product. But almost everyone's PPT usage still stays on the speaker's notebook, what is displayed on the projector, the speaker either looks at the screen of his notebook or looks at the projection on the wall. The "PPT Remarks" completely lost their effect, because they could not be seen at all. So how do you use PPT notes? How to make full use of the role of "Remarks" for efficient PPT presentations?

The PPT presenter view provided by PowerPoint is a very useful tool for the speaker. The comment content entered in the edit view when PPT is created can be displayed in the presenter view, meaning that only the projector is seen on the projector. You play the PPT without seeing the notes you wrote, but you can see the contents of the slides and the contents of the notes on your own computer. Here is the process of opening the presenter view:
First, after the link projection, the screen is extended to the monitor for projection (not the screen copy), and the notebook has corresponding shortcut keys.

If you can't find the shortcut, there is an easy way to right-click on the blank space of the desktop and set the screen extension as shown above.

After that, you need to set it under the PowrPoint software, mainly two points, display the slide show on the projection screen (monitor 2); check "Show the presenter view"

After pressing F5, the effects of the two screens are shown below.