Basic settings for PPT

Published time: 2020-01-14

1. Set the automatic save time operation steps: Click [File]-[Options]-[Save]-[Save Auto Recovery Information Time Interval], and then check it to set the interval time. Here I set 1 minute.

2. Custom slide size operation steps: Click [Design]-[Slide Size]-[Custom Slide Size], and then you can modify the width and height of the slide. Finally, select [Make sure it is appropriate] and it is OK.

3. Adding a mask Adding a mask is like adding a half-veiled transparent veil to the picture, so that the picture has a hazy beauty, and it will not steal the focus of the text content. This usage can often be used at mobile phone conferences. see.
Operation steps: In the PPT, you need to process the picture to draw a shape of the same size, then further adjust the color of the shape, and finally add the text directly.