Creative production of PPT cover animation

Published time: 2020-01-20

In this article, a simple cover animation, the effect is as follows,

1. First we prepare a picture of a character, adjust its size to cover the entire page, and make the character fall roughly in the center of the page.

2. Insert a regular hexagon and center it horizontally so that it is large enough to frame the head of the character.

3. Insert a rectangle with no border so that it is horizontally and vertically centered with the regular hexagon just now, and adjust the size of the rectangle to cover the entire page.

4. Select the green rectangle and the blue regular hexagon in turn, and click Format-Merge shapes-Cut out on the right side of the menu bar.

5. Fill the hollowed out rectangle with blue, and add a "basic zoom" entry animation to it. The "start method" is "from the previous item", the duration is "0.5", and the effect is "cut out".

6. Select the blue hollow rectangle and add an emphasizing animation "Gyro spiral", "Start method" is "From the previous item", the duration is "0.5", and the effect is "180 ° clockwise".

7. Select the slide, right-click, and copy the slide. Select the picture and the hollowed rectangle one by one, and click "Format"-"Merge Shapes"-"Cut Out" so that we get a cropped picture with a regular hexagon shape.

8. Then add the subject text and change the background to blue.

9. Add "circular expansion" entry animation to the first text, and add "fade out" entry animation to the second text. Select the second slide and click "Switch" to change the film change method to "Automatic film change". The purpose is to make the first slide automatically transition to the second slide.