How to embed sound files into PPT

Published time: 2019-11-14

Normally, we insert MP3 music in the PPT. The music can be played normally when the unit is shown. However, when the PPT file is copied to other computers, there is no music during playback. Unless the MP3 file is packaged and copied with the PPT, it is not convenient. Is there a way to embed the sound file into the PPT? The answer is yes.

The reason why the sound that appears cannot be copied with the PPT is that the OFFICE default PPT only supports sound files embedded in the ".wav" format, and all other multimedia files are played by linking. And the PPT default embedded ".wav" format file is up to 100KB, and the ".wav" file that exceeds this size will automatically become the link mode instead of being embedded in the PPT.

Of course, we can modify this size limit by going to "Tools", "Options", "General", and adjusting "100KB" after "Link sound file is not less than" to be larger than the ".wav" file you want to embed. size.

The embedded ".wav" file can be up to 50,000 KB (50M), which is basically enough for most music files.

Step 1: Edit the PPT and find the screen you want to start playing music with;

Step 2: Open the task pane of "Slideshow Switch";

Step 3: Open the “Sound” drop-down menu, select “Other Sounds”, and select the music file to be played in the dialog box, “OK”;

Step 4: Start the show, music starts from this screen and continues. (If the number of screens behind is still a lot, more than one song time, you can select "loop play".

The key here is that after choosing a good music, you must not select "Apply to all slides", but it will take effect on the current screen.

If the music you choose is in ".wav" format and the size is within the setting range, it can also be embedded in the PPT and sent to other people's computers, which can be played in the same way.