Ingeniously export the flash file inserted in the PPT

Published time: 2019-11-14

The first step: to install the UltraEdit32 editor. Everyone can search, the Internet is easy to download, then search the serial number, register

The second step: open the PPT file, and create a new word document, select the flash to be exported, (Ctrl+X) cut into the word document

The third step: In Word, click "View" - "Toolbar" - "Control Toolbox" "Design Mode" button to enter the design mode, select Flash in Word, copy and paste to any local folder, you will see A "fragment" file.

Step 4: Open UltraEdit32, pull the “fragment” file into UltraEdit32, press Ctrl+F or click menu search-find, enter “465753” in the search bar that appears, and “4 in the searched “465753” "The data above the location is deleted. (Before 4, press the left mouse button, use the mouse to pull to the front, select all the data before the number "465753", then press Delete, Del is invalid. Just use Ctrl+x).

Step 5: Save the file as a file in swf format, and the flash file has been exported.