Export PPT file to 1080P ultra clear video in 1 minute

Published time: 2019-11-15

The first measure: save as

First of all, the first method is the simplest and easiest to operate. It is very simple. Just click on the [File]-[Save As] of the PPT, then save the type, select the [Video] format and save it.

Some PPTs do not have this feature.

The second measure: online website to video

The second method we can use online website to help us turn into video, enter the [Swift PDF Converter Online Edition] website, and then find [Document Conversion] - [PPT to Video] to enter.

Then upload the PPT file, and then start the conversion. After a while, the conversion is successful, you can directly click [Download Now] to save it to your computer.

The third trick: create a video with sound and animation

If you need to create a video with sound, then take a look at the third method to make your video more colorful.


First click [Switch] to select the page switching effect. Here you need to change the change mode from [When you click the mouse] to [Set automatic change time].


Click [Insert] - [Audio] to add your favorite background music. After adding the audio, you can also cut and various audio options.


Finally, click [File] - [Export] - [Create Video] so that you can easily convert your PPT file into MP4 format.

PS: This feature needs to install PPT in 2013 and above!