F10-F12 shortcut application in PPT

Published time: 2020-01-21

F10 / Shift + F10 shortcut key prompt / right mouse button

(1) Shortcut key prompt

In the process of making a PPT, when you need to insert and insert a picture, we usually click [Insert]-"Picture" with the mouse and select a suitable picture to insert into the PPT.

In fact, we can press "F10" directly, the menu on the ribbon will display the shortcut key to open the menu, and just press the shortcut key according to the prompt.

F10-F12 shortcut application in PPT

(2) Realize the right mouse button function

When making a PPT, we generally need to do some processing on the inserted shape, such as “setting the shape” and “putting to the top”. In our normal operation, we select the shape, right-click, and the corresponding menu command appears, and then click the menu command.

In addition to clicking the right mouse button to display these menu commands, you can directly select the shape and press "Shift + F10" to display menu commands such as "Format Shape".

F10-F12 shortcut application in PPT

Alt + F11 Open VBA editing window

I believe that many friends are very unfamiliar with this window, but this window is no stranger to technicians. After pressing the [Alt + F11] key combination, you can call up the VBA code window for higher-level operations.

F10-F12 shortcut application in PPT

F12 Quickly "Save As"

In the process of making a PPT or when it is completed, you need to save this PPT file as, we can directly press the "F12" key, and the "Save As" window will pop up. Select the file format and location to quickly save the file as.

F10-F12 shortcut application in PPT

All the quick use of the F1-F2 keys in the PPT have been updated. Let's save them and learn slowly ~