How PPT customizes personalized layouts

Published time: 2019-11-29

Generally, we create a new blank presentation after starting PowerPoint. In fact, these layouts can also be customized.
1. Switch to the "View" tab and click "Slide Master" on the toolbar to enter the master view. At this time, you can find that all the layouts in the "Layout" menu above are displayed on the left. The first slide controls the color, font, background, etc. of the entire set of layout templates. Changes made in the first slide will be applied to all slides. Changes made in other slides will only be effective in slides to which the layout is applied.

2. In addition to modifying the existing layout, we can also create a new layout of our own. On the Slide Master tab, click the Insert Layout button on the toolbar to add a new layout to the current slide.

3. You can delete the default sections. Then click "Insert Placeholder" on the toolbar and select the layout element to be inserted from the drop-down menu, such as content, text, pictures, charts, etc.

4. In addition to squared placeholders, you can also add irregularly shaped placeholders. Click "Insert Placeholder", select "SmartArt" (the following operations also apply to other layout elements), and then draw a SmartArt graphic on the slide.

5. Select this SmartArt graphic, switch to the "Drawing Tools-Format" tab, and click "Edit Shape → Change Shape" on the toolbar to select an interesting irregular graphic for this SmartArt.

In this way, a custom three-column slide layout with irregular layout is completed, which is not found in the default layout.