How ppt designs a ladder-style chart

Published time: 2020-01-10

1. Insert a data chart in ppt, and select "Stacked Column Chart" in "Column Chart" as the type.

2. To edit the data of the data graph, only 2 series of data are needed. The first column is auxiliary data and the second column is source data.

3. Modify the auxiliary data. The first data is not filled. The second data is equal to the first data of the source data. The third data is equal to the second data of the source data plus the second data of the auxiliary data. analogy.

4. Delete unnecessary elements in the chart to make the effect stand out.

5. Right-click the column in the chart and select "Set Data Series Format". The option to set the data series format pops up on the right, click "Series Options", set "Series Overlap" to 100% and "Classification Spacing" to 0 .

6. Click the column of the auxiliary data, fill it with a gray, and change the height and width of the chart to get the final ladder diagram.