How PPT designs cool countdown animation effects

Published time: 2020-01-15

One. Text picture settings

1. Editing the materials First, the materials we need to prepare are: digital, digital fill map and background picture. The digital fill map and background map should be unified in color tone, preferably high-definition maps! Another point to note is that the pictures used to fill the numbers should preferably have bright patches.

2. Fill the numbers and adjust the size of the picture and the number, copy the picture, then select the number, right-click and select [Set Text Format] in the menu bar.

Then we click [Text Options]-[Text Fill and Outline]-[Picture or Texture Fill]-[Clipboard] in the pop-up window on the right.

Then brush all the numbers with the format brush so that our text material is ready.

Second, the animation settings

1. The animation setting we are going to make is a five-second countdown, so the number that appears first should be 5, so we first set the following 4 animation effects on 5 in order:
Entering effect: [basic zoom], time 0.4 seconds, same as the previous animation;
Emphasize effect: [Zoom in / out] 110%, time 0.2 seconds, delay 0.4 seconds;
Emphasize the effect: [Zoom in / out] 500%, time 0.2 seconds, delay 0.6 seconds;
Exit effect: [Fade in], time 0.2 seconds, delay 0.6 seconds.

After setting a number, we can use the animation brush to quickly set the remaining numbers, but pay attention to the order of the numbers.