How PPT designs the effect of scroll expansion

Published time: 2020-01-14

1. First of all, the material we are going to prepare is a picture as a scroll and a picture axis. Insert them into the PPT, adjust the size, duplicate a scroll, and place the two scrolls in the middle of the scroll.

2. Scroll animation settings Next we need to set animation effects for the scroll ~ Click [Animation]-[Add Animation]-[Enter]-[Split] and set the animation "at the same time as the previous animation" and duration The parameters are "4.2" and the delay time is "0.8".
Click [Animation Pane], right-click the animation, and select the direction in [Effect Options] as [Expand to the left and right].

3, the animation setting of the scroll axis The next step is to set the animation of the scroll. We first select the scroll on the left, and click [Animation]-[Add Animation]-[Action Path]-[Straight Line], and set the red one in the path. Drag a paragraph to the end of the left scroll, then set "Simultaneous to the previous animation", the duration is "6", and the delay time is "0"; the scroll on the right is the same, as shown in the figure:

We click on the preview to see the effect.