How PPT embeds music

Published time: 2019-12-14

1. Since PPT 2010, inserting music no longer has to worry about whether PPT can be played, and audio files no longer need to be copied. After 2010, as long as it is a common format that can be played, it can be embedded.

2. Click the Insert tab and find the audio. There are two ways, one is audio on the PC and the other is recording.

3. Click on the computer on the PC. We need to pay attention that if you want to choose the traditional way to play as a link, you can select the link in the drop-down arrow of the insert button.

4. By default, after clicking Insert, the audio file is embedded in the PPT. Next, we can see the audio icon and preview it.

5. If you want to crop audio, it is also possible to use PPT. Click the email and you will see the crop button.

6. The green on the left represents the beginning, and the red on the right represents the end. We can cut the segment by dragging or entering the time.

7. If you want to start playing from the first slide, and continue to loop until the slide stops, just click to play in the background.