How PPT enables the "trigger" feature

Published time: 2019-12-03

"Trigger" as the name implies is that we need to actively trigger to achieve a certain function, how to make a trigger with PPT?
The brief operation is as follows:

Step 1: Create two new icons on the slide page, a rectangle and a circle.

Step 2: Add two animations to the circle, one is to click to fade in and the other is to click to erase and fade out.

Step 3: Select the circle, click "Animation", select the first "Fade In" animation, select the "Trigger" option above, select "Click"-"Rectangle", repeat the above steps, and click "Add" Animation ", add a second" Erase "animation to the circle, select the" Trigger "option above, and select" Click "-" Rectangle ".

This completes a simple trigger effect. Let's play a slideshow and see the effect: