How PPT makes timeline animation effect

Published time: 2020-01-20

This time for a simple timeline production, the effect is as follows.

1. Click [Insert], insert a line, circle, and insert a text box to enter text.

2. Select the straight line segment, add "Enter Animation"-"Erase", the effect option is "From Top", and the rest settings are default.

3. Select the circle node, add "Enter Animation"-"Zoom", the starting method is "Simultaneous with the previous item", and the rest settings are default.

4. Select the text, add "Enter Animation"-"Stretch", the effect option "From the left", the starting method "After the previous animation", and the rest of the settings are default.

5. Then select three objects, copy the three groups, and change the corresponding text to align.

6. You can see in the animation pane, there are 4 groups of animations at this time. Select the beginning of each group (that is, the animation of the straight line segment), then right-click and select "From the previous item" .