How PPT makes Xiangyun material

Published time: 2019-12-09

1. Make two small circles first, then fill the background color with white, and the wire frame can be approximated by the color of the auspicious cloud. (Reference: The RGB parameters here are 240,207,206).

2. Select the plug-in, islide plug-in (other office plug-ins are also available), select the tween animation, and the tween number can be changed to other. You don't need to set it. (Islide plugin needs to be downloaded, PPT does not come with it).

3. In the previous operation, adding the tweened animation requires that both object circles need to be selected, and after performing the tweened animation, in order to facilitate the movement, you can combine them. The shortcut key is Ctrl + G.

4. Using the islide plugin, it is now necessary to use the matrix layout. This can be found in the design and layout of the plugin, and then it is a parameter setting.

5. The parameter settings are: horizontal number 8, vertical direction 5, horizontal distance 100, vertical direction 50, horizontal offset angle 1.1, vertical direction 50 (the size can be set, and there are no rules).

6. In this way, a preliminary shape comes out. For easier operation, you can select all the objects by Ctrl + X, and then copy them into a picture form. You can also perform a size cropping and so on according to your needs.