How PPT removes watermarks

Published time: 2019-11-26

1.Cut method

The easiest way is of course to crop the watermarked part of the picture. We insert the picture we want to watermark in PPT, and then click [Format]-[Crop], and crop the watermark part.

2.Color block occlusion method

First, we insert a rectangle in the PPT, and adjust the size of the rectangle, which can almost cover the watermark, and then set the [outline] of the rectangle to [no outline], and we can use a straw to draw the surrounding background of the watermark Color, and then overlay this rectangle on the watermark.

3.Master watermark removal

If the PPT watermark is added by the master, we can delete it with one click of the master. Click [Slide Master], find this watermark picture in the master and delete it, and the watermark on the rest of the PPT pages will be deleted.