How PPT slideshows make the same transition effects

Published time: 2019-12-20

A PPT has multiple pages, and multi-page slides with similar styles can be uniformly set to the same transition effect, so that the PPT as a whole will look more coordinated.
1. Open the PPT and create a blank presentation.
2. Create a multi-page slideshow to get the entire PPT.

3. Select a page of slides and set the transition effect under the Transition tab.

4. Select one of them in the list of open transition effects to complete the settings of the transition effects.

5. This is just a transition effect setting for one of the slides. If it is a multi-page slide, you need to set the same transition effect. One way is to select the multi-page slide in the slide thumbnail.

6. Then set a transition effect uniformly, all selected slides will have the same transition effect.

7. Another method is to first create slides that need to have the same transition effect as the same section. Place your mouse in the space of the slide thumbnail, right-click, and click Add Section.

8. Then set the different sections to an easily distinguishable name.

9. Then click on the name of the section to select all the slides in that section, and then set the transition effect. In this way, all the slides in this section will be set to the same transition effect uniformly.

Setting the same transition effect by section is more suitable for PPTs with a large number of slides. Different sections use different transition effects also play a role in distinguishing content.