How to add fake stereo folding effect to PPT picture

Published time: 2019-12-02

1. Open the PPT 2016 software and click the "blank presentation" command to create a new blank PPT 2016 presentation. In the new presentation, select the default two placeholders and press delete to delete them.

2. Select the Insert menu, find the Insert Picture command in the Insert menu command, and then the “Insert Picture” window will pop up. Find the place where the picture material is stored in the Insert Picture window, then select the four picture materials and click Insert to the slide page. in.

3. Reduce the slideshow presentation scale, move the four picture materials to the outside of the slideshow, and then switch to the "View" window. Check the ruler and reference line in the view window; then select a picture material and adjust its size , Reduce its width to a quarter of the size of the slide page, and adjust the width to a moderate size.

4. Then open the Format Picture Format window, select the remaining three pictures in turn, select the size setting in the Format Picture Format window, remove the check from "Lock Aspect Ratio", and then set the size of these three pictures to the beginning The sheets are the same size and move them together.

5. Switch to the insert menu, find the isosceles triangle in the shape command in the insert menu, and then draw an isosceles triangle on the slide in the mouse. It is required that the base length of the isosceles triangle is the width of the two pictures, etc. The waist triangle should be moderate in height.

6. Select the isosceles triangle, and set the shape of the isosceles triangle to white and the shape outline to none in the format menu; then set the shape effect for the isosceles triangle to external upward shadow, and finally move the isosceles triangle Below the picture.

7. Hold down the Ctrl key to copy an isosceles triangle. Rotate the copied isosceles triangle 180 degrees, and then change the shape effect of the copied isosceles triangle to the outside downward shadow; move it to the top of the left picture .

8. Select the two isosceles triangles on the left picture, hold down the Ctrl key and the shift key, and then copy the other two isosceles triangles horizontally and place them on the right picture; place the ruler in the view window With the reference line removed, such a pseudo three-dimensional folding effect is completed, is it very simple?