How to batch import / export pictures in PPT

Published time: 2019-11-26

I. Import / Export Pictures in Batch

1. Batch export pictures

When we need to export the pictures in PPT, do not save them one by one, it is too slow, we just need to change the extension of the PPT to .rar format, and then decompress it, in the folder after decompression Find the [media] folder and you will find that the pictures have been extracted!

2.Import pictures in batches

Click [Insert]-[Album]-[File / Disk], you can add all the pictures here, so you can insert each picture into each page of PPT separately.

Second, modify pictures in batches

1.Display settings

Click [Album]-[Edit Album] in the toolbar. In [Image Layout], we can set the display settings of the picture. For example, if we want to display two pictures in a PPT, then we can select them here. [2 pictures].

2. Picture parameter settings

We check the picture to be set on the left. In the preview thumbnail on the right, we can see a row of small buttons below. Here we can set the parameters such as the rotation angle, brightness and sharpness of the picture, which is especially convenient!