How to convert word to PPT

Published time: 2020-01-14

I. Word to PPT

1. Set the outline level We must first set the outline level for the document. The outline level [level 1] can be separated into pages in the PPT, so we set the content that we want to split to [level 1], select the text, right-click Select [Paragraph], then select [Level 1] in the corresponding dialog box, set other text to [Level 2], and save the document.

2.Import PPT
Then we open a new PPT file, select [Start]-[New]-[Slide (from the outline)], select the newly saved document [Insert], and wait for the system to automatically import it.

Second, PPT to Word

1. How can an outline / RTF file turn a slide into a Word document, and save it directly! Click [File]-[Save As] in PPT, select the storage path, click [Save Type] and select [Outline / RTF File], and finally select Save to get a new Word document.

2. Open the file with Word and find the location where you just saved the file. Select the file, right-click and select [Word] to open it in [Open]