How to correctly use the shape contour and effect in PPT

Published time: 2019-12-20

1.How to insert a perfect circle

When many people use shapes for the first time, they often have a question: how to draw a circle in a PPT, how to insert a perfect circle in a PPT, there is no perfect circle shape at all in the shape drop-down list, only an oval shape, and an ellipse is drawn.

What if I want to insert a perfect circle?
Draw a circle on a PPT picture. In fact, you only need to hold down the [Shift] key on the keyboard while inserting an oval shape to lock the proportion of the shape and insert a perfect circle. The other shapes are the same.

Remove shape contours

Where is the PPT shape outline? After inserting the shape, take a closer look and you will find that the shape outline is added by default, as shown.

However, in PPT design, graphic design, or web design, most of the time, the shape is not added with a shape outline, because when the shape outline and the color of the shape are not uniform, the layout effect is affected.
Therefore, we need to manually remove the shape and contour. The method is: select the shape, click the [format]-[shape style]-[shape outline] button, and select the "no outline" command in the pop-up menu to remove it.

The effect is shown in the figure:

3. Use PPT shape effect with caution

After inserting the shape, the [Drawing Tools]-[Format] tab will be automatically enabled. Click the "Shape Effect" button in the [Shape Style] group, and a variety of shape effects are built in the pop-up menu, as shown in the figure.

Many people add various effects to shapes in order to enhance the design effect of PPT. However, sometimes, if the effect is not added properly, it will become more ugly, as shown in the figure.

Instead of adding any effect to the shape, it looks cleaner and tidy.

Therefore, adding effects to shapes needs to be reasonable and cautious!