How to have cool fonts in PPT

Published time: 2020-07-27

First, I opened the search engine and typed in the words PPT beautiful font,

Then I rushed to the first one to try if this works

Seeing a commercial free in the lower right corner, I clicked it on

Click download and you will be at this page

After downloading the font package, we still need to download a software (probably to let us pay attention to the two official accounts of and iFonts and download this software, nothing else), the operation is quite fast

A series of numbers will appear on the right. Let’s go to the PPT to see if it can be used. Enter the original system font in the PPT.

Then select the font and click on the one you like on the right to replace it. After replacing a little bit, you can actually continue typing behind the font. You don’t need to type a little bit to change a little bit, and the format will be replaced.