How to hide the page background during PPT show

Published time: 2019-11-28

1. Create a new PPT presentation and make a few pages of slides.

2. Enter the slide master and insert graphics. For example, a common operation is to insert a logo in the master.

Enter the normal view, you can see that the logo image is added at the same position on each slide.

Obviously, when the slide show is performed, the logo image inserted in the master will also be shown. If you need to temporarily cancel the logo image in the master (page background), you can set as follows. Click the Design tab, the Set background format menu in the Custom group.

3. In the Set background format menu that opens on the right, check the Hide background graphics option.

It can be seen that the logo image of the slide on this page is missing, not only the logo image, but also the other content in the master that is applied to the theme of the slide on this page is also missing, and these contents will not be displayed during the show.

4. If you need to hide the background content of all slides in the PPT, first select all the slides, and then check Hide background graphics. In this way, the background content of all slides is temporarily hidden.

Because it is temporarily hidden instead of deleted, if you uncheck the Hide background graphic, the background content of the slideshow will be displayed again.