How to insert special symbols and shapes in PPT

Published time: 2019-11-27

Open the PPT and create a blank presentation.

For example, inserting a slanted arrow as an example, you can use a variety of methods. One is to insert a ready-made line with arrows. Click the arrow in the Insert group under the Insert tab.

Then use the mouse to drag to draw the required size.

Then set the appropriate line thickness.

You will get diagonal lines.

The other is the method of inserting special symbols. But you need to draw a text box first. Click the text box under the shape in the illustration group under the Insert tab.

Then drag the mouse to draw a text box.

Then click on the symbol in the symbol group under the Insert tab.

Then select a font and symbol set in the font, you can find the diagonal arrow, and click Insert.

Then you can insert a diagonal arrow shape into the text box. Then set it to an appropriate size like setting the font size of the text.

As another example, braces need to be inserted. You can insert ready-made brace shapes directly into the shape.

Also set the obtained shape to a proper line thickness.

Alternatively, you can use the shape in the formula. Also draw a text box first, then click Insert new formula under Formulas in the Symbol group under the Insert tab.

Then click one of the parenthesized formulas in the brackets below the structure group.

In this way, you can get a bracket shape.

When inserting special symbols or shapes, you can try several methods one by one to get a variety of special shapes.