How to make ink effect in PPT picture

Published time: 2019-11-28

The picture inserted in ppt wants to make the effect drawn by brush, how to draw it? Let ’s take a look at the detailed tutorial, friends who need it can refer to it.

1. First, open the PPT, click the "Insert" tab in the menu bar, and click the "Text Box" icon in it.

2. Then, click in the blank space of the PPT, enter the letter "I", and set the font of the letter "I" to "road rage" according to the method shown in the figure.

3. Next, copy the letter "I" and place it in the blank space of the PPT at will, and click "Picture Format-Merge Shape-Combination" in the menu bar.

4. Then, right-click on the ink picture and select "Format Shape".

5. After that, you need to set the picture format. In the shape options, select "Picture or Texture Fill" to insert the picture.

6. Finally, insert the picture you want to do with the ink picture, you can complete the production of the ink effect picture.