How to make text blink animation

Published time: 2019-11-28

1. Open a PPT file, insert a text box on a blank slide, enter "Happy Birthday" in it, and change the type and size of the font in the start menu.

2. Change the color of the font. Find the "Format" menu under "Drawing Tools" and click the command button in the lower right corner of the "Art Word Style" column to fill the font color.

3. Select the text box, click the "Animation" menu, find the "Add Animation" button on the right, and click the lower triangle below it.

4. Find "More emphasis effect" in the lower part of the drop-down menu and click.

5. In the "Add Effect" dialog box, select "Blink" in the "Gorgeous" type and confirm.

6. Click "Animation Pane" under the "Animation" menu, double-click the text box just set or click the drop-down menu.

7. In the "Blink" dialog box, open the "Repeat" drop-down option under "Timing" and select "until the end of the slide" to confirm.