How to modify pictures in PPT

Published time: 2020-01-14

First, image processing

1. Modify the ratio After inserting some pictures, the picture ratio is not very satisfactory. At this time, you only need to select the picture, and then select [format]-[size]-[crop]-[aspect ratio], select the desired one. Just the ratio.

2. After modifying the shape and inserting the picture, select [Format]-[Crop]-[Crop to Shape], and then select the desired crop shape.

Image compression

1. Single image compression compresses a single image, which can be easily achieved using the [Compressed Image] function in PPT. We first select the image, and then select [Format]-[Compressed Image]. There are several options for the target output. I Generally choose Web (150 ppi), suitable for web pages and projectors.

2. Multi-image compression We usually use batch compression. Open the PPT file, select [File]-[Save As], and then select [Tools]-[Compress Image].

In the [Compressed Pictures] window that pops up, we check [Delete cropped areas of pictures] and [Email] or [Use Document Resolution], so the pictures in the PPT file have been compressed in batches.