How to quickly typeset multiple logos in PPT

Published time: 2019-11-30

ppt wants to make an icon layout, how to make it? Let's take a look at a tutorial on typesetting multiple icons in ppt.
1. Create a blank presentation PPT, enter the PPT, select the two default title boxes, and press the delete key on the keyboard to delete the two title boxes.

2. Select the Insert menu, find the rectangular shape in the shape of the Insert menu, and then hold down the left mouse button to draw a suitable size rectangle on the slide page.

3. Select the drawn rectangle, switch to the format menu bar, and set the theme color of the rectangular shape fill to white; the outline color of the shape to gray below the format menu bar.

4. Select the rectangle after setting the color, hold down the shift and Ctrl two auxiliary keys, and copy the rectangle horizontally. The exact copy can be copied according to our logo picture. Here I copy 11 rectangles and then These 11 rectangles are in place.

5. Drag the left mouse button to select all the copied rectangles. Click the Format menu to find the shadow effect in the shape effect. Set a centered offset shadow effect for all of your currently selected rectangles.

6. Select the first rectangle on the top, right-click to set the graphics format, switch to fill settings in the right side of the set graphics format window, select a picture or texture fill in the fill, and then click the picture to fill a logo to the first The same operation is performed for other rectangles, and 11 logo images are filled into the corresponding 11 rectangles in turn.

7. Reduce the slideshow scale, choose to insert a rectangle, rotate and move the rectangle so that the rectangle occupies half of the slide page, and then right-click to move the large rectangle setting to the bottom; then insert a text box and enter Text is enough, such a multi-logo typesetting example teaching is complete.