How to set multiple topics in PPT

Published time: 2019-11-28

If the content of a PPT is relatively small, use a set of themes. If the number of slides in the PPT is large and there are clear chapter divisions, then different topics can be set for different chapters, so that a PPT contains multiple topics. There are many ways to set topics, but the methods described in this article are relatively fast and easy to manage.

1. Create a new PPT presentation and create multiple slides.

2. Right-click between the slide thumbnails, and then click New Section in the right-click menu.

In this way, the slide is divided into sections.

3. The same operation, the entire PPT is divided into multiple sections.

4. Click on the name of one of the sections and all the slides in that section are selected.

5. Click on the theme under the Design tab and select a theme.

All slides of the selected section are applied to the same set of themes, while unselected sections and their slides are not applied to the set of themes.

6. Same operation, then click other sections to set different themes.

In this way, this PPT applies multiple sets of different themes.