How to set PPT background

Published time: 2019-12-19

First, set the background format operation steps:
1. Select a slide in the start interface, right-click, and click "Set Background Format" in it.

2. Then select "Picture or Texture Fill" in "Fill", then select "File" as the source of the inserted image, and finally click Apply All.

3. Then click "Artistic Effect" to select the effect picture, and finally click "Apply All".

Steps for inserting pictures directly:
Select a slide in the insert interface, then click "Picture" to select the background picture, adjust the picture to the slide size, and then copy the background picture with "Ctrl + C" in the right column. Click "Ctrl + V" in the blank space below to paste the background The map is fine.

Summary: Have you learned the methods of setting these PPT background images? The first method is more comprehensive. You can set the background image effect, and you can directly reset the background if you are not satisfied. The second method can also reset the background, but you cannot modify the background image effect. The third method can achieve multiple The background image is set, but it cannot be reset directly, and the background image effect cannot be set. You can choose according to your needs.