How to set rehearsal time for PPT

Published time: 2019-12-16

1. Click [Slideshow], and then click [Rehearsal Timing] in the setting options group.

2. At this point, the timing of the rehearsal begins. The system will record every slide you make when you rehearse. The slide time will be in the upper left corner.

3. If you want to pause halfway, click the [Pause] button.

4. Or you can right-click in the blank space of the slide and select [Pause Recording].

5. Perform rehearsals until the next one. A prompt dialog box will pop up to prompt you whether to keep the new slide timing. Click [Yes]. This preserves the duration of each slide and automatically switches to the next slide at the next presentation.

6. If you don't want it to switch slides by itself, you can use the [√] in front of the timer in the setting option group to remove it.