How to set soft shadow effect for shapes in PPT

Published time: 2019-12-23

1. Open the PPT and create a blank presentation.
2. Insert two identical rounded rectangles in the page, one of which is used as a contrast effect.

3. Apply a default center offset shadow to both shapes.

4. Remove the outline of both shapes.

5. Also set the fill color to white.

6. In this way, the default centered shadow effect is added to both shapes, and the shadow effect looks more rigid.

7. Select one of the shapes, right-click, and click Set Shape Format in the right-click menu.

8. In the Format Shape window that opens on the right, choose a gray color for the shadow.

9. Use the default values ​​for shadow transparency. Set the shadow size to a large value, the blurriness to a large value, and the distance to a small value. Refer to the values ​​in the figure below.

10. After this setting, compared with the default shadow effect, you can see that the shadow after setting is very soft, which can better reflect the beauty.

The shaded parameters in the figure are for reference only. You can get your favorite effect after multiple attempts.