How to split a PPT page using a table

Published time: 2019-12-10

This article describes how to use a table to split PPT pages. If you need to divide the PPT page evenly or unevenly into multiple regions to further insert pictures in the regions, you can use a table to quickly make it.
1. Open the PPT and create a blank presentation.

2. Click Insert Form.

3. In the Insert Table window that opens, enter the number of rows and columns according to your needs. For example, if you need to divide the page into 5 × 5 areas, enter 5 rows and 5 columns.

4. You have a table with 5 rows x 5 columns.

5. Drag the control points around the table to make the table fill the entire page.

6. Select the table and remove the border.

7. Keep selecting the table, and the cells will be filled with a color.

8. In this way, you have a table with no borders and only one fill color, which looks like a rectangle.

9. Cut the form and paste it.

10. In the Paste Special window that opens, select Enhanced Metafile.

11. In this way, the form becomes a picture. Right-click on the picture and click Ungroup.

12. Click Yes in the pop-up prompt window to convert the picture.

13. In this way, the picture becomes a combination of multiple small shapes, and the size of each small shape is the size of the previous table cell. In this way, you can place pictures in the position of the shape, or fill the picture with the shape.

14. If you need to get shapes of different sizes, in the table step, merge the cells, and then perform the subsequent steps to get multiple shapes with different sizes and covering the page.