How to use iSlide to unify fonts in PPT

Published time: 2019-12-10

This article describes how to use the PPT plugin iSlide to unify the fonts in PPT. When making a PPT, you will inevitably use a variety of fonts, or the content copied from other software. After pasting, the original font is applied. There are too many fonts, and it becomes fancy for the page. Therefore, sometimes you need to delete all the extra fonts, and only one or two fonts are needed. You can use the plug-in iSlide to optimize with one click.
1. Open the PPT and create a blank presentation.

2. Insert two paragraphs of text in the slide, and set a color for each paragraph of text, it will look cleaner.

3. However, when the font is used too much, for example, as shown in the figure below, use a font for each paragraph text, the purpose is to use different fonts to play a role of emphasis, but on the other hand constraints, I do not know what the point.

4. So, consider removing extra fonts. Click the unified font under the one-click optimization menu in the design group under the iSlide menu.

5. In the opened unified font setting window, two modes are provided. One is the theme mode, set a Chinese font and English font, click Apply.

6. Then all Chinese characters and English characters have become the set Chinese font and English font respectively.

7. Moreover, when a new slide is created, the new slide will use the Chinese font and English font just set by default, so it is the theme mode.

8. The other mode is compulsory mode. Also set the Chinese font and English font. Click all the slides and click Apply.

9. The unification of Chinese and English fonts in all slides is also achieved.

10. However, the new slide will not use the replaced font, but will continue to use the original font. So, this is the difference between a forced mode and a theme mode.