PPT can easily get image export and import in one minute

Published time: 2019-11-15

First, import pictures in batches

In the process of making a PPT, inserting pictures one by one will waste our working time, and the pictures will be stacked together. At this time, we can import images in batches.
1. Open the album function in PPT [Insert], click [New Album]

2. Open [File/Disk (F)] in [Album Content], select the picture to be inserted (or select Ctrl+A), and click [Insert (S)] to confirm the inserted picture.

3. Select [Album Layout] - [Picture Layout (P)] and [Frame Shape (X)], these two are selected according to the needs of the document, and finally click [Create].

Second, extract all the pictures in the PPT

The PPT template we downloaded online has a very nice picture, we can extract it for use as the material for the next PPT production. This method is a bit like the compression method in the image extraction method in Word.

1. First change the suffix name of the PPT file from ".pptx" to ".rar" or ".zip"

2. After the modification, extract the file package, the pictures are all extracted in the media folder.

Third, export slides as pictures

After the PPT is done, use Save As to import the image into a picture.

1. Press F12 Save As, [Save Type] to select the picture format [JPG], [PNG].