Image processing in PPT

Published time: 2020-01-18

First, the picture mask

After downloading pictures online, some friends will want to make the pictures more attractive and artistic. At this time, we only need to add a mask to the picture in the PPT.
1. For specific operations, we can insert a picture material in the PPT, and then select [Insert Shape]. Right-click to enter [Set Shape Format]. Inside, we can directly adjust the color, transparency, etc. of the shape.

2. Mask adjustment When making a mask, we can also choose the color of the mask and then set the transparency according to the actual situation, such as our preferences and the overall style of the PPT. The picture produced in this way is also unique.

In addition to solid color masks, we can also make more beautiful gradient color masks, such pictures also look very dreamy.

Second, other picture processing methods

1. In addition to inserting pictures into the PPT, many times we need to combine pictures and text. If we want to make the two more natural and beautiful, we might as well add a color block to the picture, but the overall effect will be much higher ~
Steps: [Insert Shape]-[Right Click]-[Set Shape Format]-[Set Fill Color, Transparency]-[Set Border Wireless Bar]-[Right Click to Select Color Block]-[Place on Bottom]-[Move Next Level] 】.

2. Blurred pictures Some friends will find that the picture material they know is very beautiful, but when combined with the text, it looks helpless and strange. If this is the case, we might as well blur the picture, and it feels much better.
Steps: [Insert Picture]-[Format]-[Picture Art Effect]-[Blurred]-[Adjust Radius].