Four ways to insert Flash animation in ppt

Published time: 2019-11-14

method one:

1. Insert the Flash animation file with the extension . SWF into the PPT.

2, insert an object created by the file

3. Select "Activate Content" in the "Object Actions" option in "Action Settings".

4, insert Flash animation in PPT

Method Two:

1. Insert the Flash generated .exe animation file into PPT.

2, insert the picture first

3. Select "Run Program" from the "Click Mouse" option in the "Action Settings" of the picture and specify the file path and file name.

Note: When using this method, be sure to change the "Security Level" option in the PPT menu "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Security" -> "Macro Security" to "Low". Otherwise, a warning box will pop up for each presentation.

4, insert Flash animation in PPT

Method three:

1, using the Active X control to insert animation

2, select "View" -> "Toolbar" -> "Control Toolbox"

3. Click on the "Other Tool Icons" and select the "ShockWave Flash Object" option from the drop-down list. The mouse changes to the "+" shape and drags it to the Flash control graphic.

4. Click the "Properties" button on the "Control Toolbox" to open the properties dialog.

5. Select “Custom”, click the “Browse” button, enter the .swf file path and name in the “Movie URL” in the pop-up dialog box, and adjust “play”, “quality”, “loop”, etc. Attributes.

6, insert Flash animation in PPT

Method four:

1, using the insert hyperlink

2. Run the PowerPoint program and open the slide to insert the animation.

3. Insert any object in it, such as a paragraph of text, a picture, and so on. The goal is to set a hyperlink to it. Preferably this object is related to the content of the linked animation.

4. Select this object, click on the "Insert" menu, and click on "Hyperlink" in the drop-down menu that opens.

5. In the pop-up window, select "Original file or Web page" in "Link to", click the "File" button, select the animation you want to insert, and click "OK" to complete. Just click on the set hyperlink object when playing the animation.