ppt how to make Chinese character strokes into a background image

Published time: 2019-12-02

The text entered in pt wants to split the Chinese characters. The font size of the Chinese characters will be different, and the number of strokes will be different. After splitting, I get independent strokes, and then randomly distribute them on the page to get the background. This is the idea. How should I make it? Let's take a look at the detailed tutorial.
1. Open the PPT and create a blank presentation.

2. Insert text box and enter text.

3. Select the appropriate font to make more independent strokes.

4. Insert a shape at will, place it outside the text box, select the text and shape, and perform the splitting process.

5. In this way, multiple independent Chinese character stroke shapes are obtained.

6, the same operation, use more text, split more strokes.

7. Next, place the strokes randomly on the page, and copy and place individual strokes in the area that is not enough.

8. Set a gradient fill color for all stroke shapes.

9. Finally, insert a full-screen rectangle and set the transparent color to form a mask effect to get the final background effect.