PPT animation production-how to make the switch button

Published time: 2019-11-30

Many friends are curious about how PPT animations are made. In fact, it is very simple and everyone can do it manually.

1. First open PowerPoint2016 and create a new PPT with the style set to solid-gray

2. Next we need to prepare several shape materials: gray stroke circle, pill white, pill green, polygon. The following is the address to obtain the material package. We can also draw by ourselves, like the shape of the pill below, which is stitched using two circles and a rectangle. The main PPT function used is: Format-Merge Shapes function.
Import all the materials into PowerPoint2016 and arrange the corresponding positions, as shown below. Set up animation panes and selection panes.

3. Set the animation effect for the material. The specific process is to select the graphics we want to animate-animation-add animation-set animation properties. Follow the above steps to add animation effects to the graphics. First take the gray stroked circle as an example. We can see from the figure above that the circular motion trajectory is a horizontal straight line, so we give the circular animation effect a motion Trajectory-straight line.

4. Adjust the circular motion trajectory and the time of motion. The trajectory of the first circle is from left to right, and the time is set to 1 second without delay.

5. We use the same method to animate the pill white and pill green. So here we set the white zoom out and green zoom out, and the animation happens simultaneously with the circle. Here you also need to set the delay time and duration of the animation. There may be more text descriptions. I will package the PPT source files in the material package and click the corresponding animation to see it.

When the switch button is turned off, the circle is from right to left, white appears, and green disappears. The animation effect is the opposite of the previous animation, and the duration is the same.

Another thing to note is that in order to make the circle look more comfortable when in motion, we need to set it up. The specific operation is to right-click the circular animation in the animation pane-animation effect-smooth start to the end.