PPT drawing graphics sharing skills

Published time: 2019-12-26

First look at where to find the [insert shape] button. Since we often use the function of insert shape, you can find the insert shape button in multiple places.
1. Under the [Start] tab.
2. Under the [Insert] tab.
3. If there are already selected objects, the [Format] tab will appear, and there are buttons for inserting shapes under the [Format] tab.

The first method of drawing shapes: the most common and easiest method is to drag and drop the mouse to draw graphics of any size. We generally drag from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, then the upper left corner is fixed after clicking, and the lower right corner is controlled with the mouse to determine the size, height, etc.

The second method: After selecting the shape to be inserted, click the mouse in a suitable position, and generally you will get a "normal shape", and the shape size is still one inch (2.54 cm). For example, if you choose an oval shape, you can get a perfect circle with a diameter of 2.54 cm with a single click.

Press the Ctrl key and drag the left mouse button to draw a graphic from the center of the graphic. This can be called up first in the [View] tab.

Press the Shift key to draw a horizontal and vertical 45-degree line. For example, if you choose to draw a straight line, even if your mouse deviates from horizontal or vertical, the line will automatically snap to horizontal or vertical.

Press the Shift key to draw a "regular figure": a perfect circle, a regular triangle. Cube

For some complex point shapes, there will be orange handles. Drag the orange empty points to adjust the shape locally.