PPT how to do the tear word effect to enhance the atmosphere

Published time: 2020-07-15

When the price is cut or the sale is large, it will be very atmosphere to do the tearing effect. Let’s try it out, insert a text box, enter the font

Insert shape to find any shape

Then we draw a torn effect shape, and it is more feel to change to gold. Attentive people can insert a gold background picture to do better

It would be nice if I could change the font, but unfortunately I didn’t. Next, hold down Ctrl to select the shape and text box, merge the shapes-intersect to get the left word

Cut it down, we retreat to the previous step, we have to do the right side, still do that, but we need to delete the words other than the word "tear", and then do Boolean operations, merge the shapes-cut, get the right word

Now paste back the words on the left and put them together, the rest will be processed according to law