ppt how to make a three-dimensional folded ribbon

Published time: 2020-01-10

1. First start ppt, execute the insert-shape command, select the curve and draw the curve.

2. Select the curve and execute the ctrl + d key combination to copy 9 times, for a total of 10 curves.

3. Then execute the format-align command, set left and top alignment respectively, and execute ctrl + g key combination.

4. Right-click and select the Set shape format option, switch to the 3D format tab, set the depth to 30 points, switch to 3D rotation, and set the preset to front perspective.

5. Execute the threated-top-bottom connection command, and bring up the Set Shape Format dialog box again. Set x to 345.1, y47.7, z342.9, and perspective 15.

6. Play and check the effect, so the 3D ribbon effect is finished. If you are not satisfied, you can modify the relevant parameters.