PPT magic effect-mobile phone scrolling interface

Published time: 2020-07-14

First of all, insert a picture with the background of the phone, we can do it without ourselves, find two pictures

Delete the background of the phone picture, make it and put it on another background, adjust the size

Select all two pictures and hold down Ctrl plus G, it becomes a picture

If the size of the dislike and the slides do not match the look, you can cut this picture, then right-click on the blank PPT, select the shape format effect, and click the clipboard in the middle of the pattern or texture fill.

Then insert a long picture, I just cut a bit from Taobao, everyone just put what you want to show, the picture is very long, you can press Ctrl and mouse wheel to shrink the entire layout, which is convenient for us to do.

Add an animation effect to the picture, select a straight path, in the effect options, I choose up, set the start position and end position of the long picture, (green is the beginning, red is the end, just pull, the red dotted line in the middle is away path)

You can adjust the time after setting the position. The duration on the right side of the animation bar can be adjusted a little longer, because the initial two seconds is too short. You can click the animation pane to play to see the effect.

Finally, make an occlusion to cover the rest of the picture. Insert a rectangular block, right-click to set the shape effect format, select the slide background fill

Just finish it, you won’t see the outside of the slide when playing