PPT presentation export tips

Published time: 2019-12-31

Sometimes, in order for the PPT to be screened properly in different environments, we can output the prepared PPT presentation into different formats for playback. Today I will introduce 3 tips for PPT output skills: how to convert PPT to video, PPT auto-play, and how to package PPT into CD. I hope it will be helpful to everyone's work.

1.Convert PPT to video

In daily work, in order to allow computers without PPT software to play PPTs normally, or to make prepared PPTs to be played on other platforms, such as mobile phones and tablets. Need to convert PPT to other formats. The most commonly used format is the video format, and the PPT effect will not change after converting to the video format. Animation effects, embedded videos, music or voice narration will still play.
(1) Open the PPT to be converted, click [File]-[Export], select the "Create Video" option in the middle pane, and click the "Create Video" button.

(2) Open the "Save As" dialog box. After setting the save parameters, click the "OK" button to start converting the PPT to a video file and display the conversion progress in the status bar.

(3) After completion, open the storage path, you can see the generated video file, double-click the video file to play it.

2. Store PPT as a file that is opened automatically

When we need to demonstrate a PPT, we generally need to open the PPT first, and then perform the projection operation. If the PPT file is large, the waiting time when opening a PPT is not seconds. To save time, we can save the PPT as an automatically inserted file.
(1) After completing the PPT production, directly press the [F12] key to open the "Save As" dialog box, set the file save path and file name, and then select the "PowerPoint Show" option in the "Save Type" drop-down list, and then Click the "Save" button.

(2) When you want to show PPT, open the storage path and double-click the PPT show file to enter the show state directly.

3.Pack PPT into CD, PPT presentation

In order for the computer without PPT software to play the PPT normally, we can also pack the PPT into a CD. The advantage of this is that if there are special fonts, videos, audio or links in the PPT, no changes will occur after packaging. , Can play normally on any other computer.
(1) Open the PPT that needs to be packaged into a CD, click [File]-[Export], select the "Package presentation into CD" option in the middle pane, and then click the "Package into CD" button.

(2) Click the "Copy to Folder" button in the dialog box that opens. The "Copy to Folder" dialog box pops up. After setting the name and location of the save folder, click the "OK" button in turn.

(3) After the packaging is completed, the storage folder will be automatically opened and the packaged files will be displayed.