ppt text and pictures how to achieve surround typesetting

Published time: 2019-11-30

PPT and Word are a bit different in text and text layout. Word documents have ready-made graphic and text layout functions, but the 2016 version of PPT used by Xiaobian does not yet have graphic and text layout functions. Therefore, if you need to implement graphic layout in PPT, you need Word. How to make the text typeset around the picture? Here we take a look at the detailed tutorial, please see the detailed introduction below.

1. Open Word and create a blank document.

2. Enter text and insert graphics in the document.

3. Select the shape and use a wrapping method in [Wrap Text].

4. In this way, graphic and text wrapping is realized.

5. Select all text and shapes and perform copying.

6. Open the PPT and click [Paste]-[Paste Special] in the document.

7. In the window that opens, click [Paste Link]-[Microsoft Word Document Object], and click [OK].

8. In this way, the graphics and text of Word are pasted into the PPT, similar to pictures, and can be freely resized.

9. When the layout of graphics in Word documents changes, the layout of graphics and text in PPT will automatically change. So that's why you use paste special as a link.