Retouching skills after inserting images in PPT

Published time: 2019-11-15

1, the border

In addition to typesetting, the modification of the picture is also very important. How to make an ordinary picture become beautiful and vivid? We only need to make some changes!

First of all, we can add a beautiful border to our picture, so that the picture does not look like it will not be trimmed, it will give you a feeling that you are very careful to make this PPT~ Select the picture, click [Format] - [ Picture style].

2, the effect

We can also add some effects to the image to make the image look more stereoscopic. We select the image, then click [Image] - [Format] - [Image Effect], and select the appropriate effect to add in it.

3, the filter

We can also add various filter effects to the image, select the image, click [Format] - [Color] - [Recolor], you can add different filter effects to the image.