How to solve the inconsistency between the thumbnail of the PPT document and the actual content

Published time: 2019-11-30

When opening a folder, a thumbnail preview of the file is usually displayed, but many times when the PPT template is edited and modified, the content of the thumbnail preview is not modified synchronously, and the displayed thumbnail will be different from the content. Let ’s take a look at the detailed tutorial .

1. As shown in the figure below, the preview content of the thumbnail of the PPT document does not match the content after it is actually opened, especially the thumbnails of the PPT are generally not updated synchronously.

2. The thumbnail preview of PPT files is generally to preview the content of the first slide, right-click the first slide to copy a new one.

3. After copying the slideshow, there will be two identical slideshows, as shown below.

4. Select the first slide and delete it, then save and close the PPT file.

5. Now look at the document thumbnail of the PPT. The preview content is the same as the actual content.