Tutorial for making a PPT cover with multiple portraits

Published time: 2019-12-24

1. Open the PPT and create a blank presentation.
2. According to your own needs, if you need to place 5 pictures of the same size on the page, insert a 5-column table as an auxiliary, you can divide the page into five equal parts.

3. Referring to the size of the table cell, draw 5 rectangles of the same size, and the 5 rectangles divide the page into 5 equal divisions.

4. Next, insert the 5 pictures that need to be placed on the cover.

5. Then select a picture and place it under a rectangle, and intersect the picture with the rectangle to crop the picture according to the size of the rectangle. In order to facilitate viewing the area where the rectangle intersects with the picture, you can set the rectangle to a certain transparency.

6. The same operation, crop other pictures according to their respective rectangular areas.

7. Next, insert a text box, enter a text or letter for the title of the cover, and place it in the middle of a picture.

8. Similarly, input other cover text or letters, which are also placed in the middle of the picture, and then change the size and color of the text.

9. If the text is not easy to recognize because of the picture, you can insert a semi-transparent black rectangular mask between the text and the picture. Finally, insert the subtitle and use it as decorative text to get the final cover effect.